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2011: Alchemists & Parasites

2012: Alchemical Wedding

2018: City

2019 - 81st Volta a Portugal

"The kingdom of heaven
is like a treasure hid in a field."
This field is the soul, wherein lies
hidden the treasure of the divine kingdom.
In the soul, therefore, are God
and all creatures blessed.

-Meister Eckhart

Black Girls do Bike :O #blackgirlsdobike -------| National Hurricane Center - Hurricane Dorian

Natasha Bedingfield - "Unwritten"

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Indianapolis Public Library System - In transit...3 arrived

The Workers Community - Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
Shops, Sports Teams

Jane McAlevey

Whole-worker organizing begins with the recognition
that real people do not live two separate lives, one
beginning when they arrive at work and punch the clock
and another when they punch out at the end of their shift.

Whole-worker organizing seeks to engage "whole workers"
in the betterment of their lives. To keep them consistently
acting in their self interest, while constantly expanding
their vision of who that self interest includes, from
their immediate peers in their unit, to their shift,
their workplace, their street, their kids' school,
their community, their watershed, their nation and their world.


...the Public Housing Authority announced an
"improvement through privatization" plan at the
Oak Park housing complex, where a lot of new
union members lived. We knew from our research
that this was in fact a "demolition plan" to get
subsidized housing out of Stamford.


If you're trying to organize a coporation like CHW that
is a regional player tryng to go national, that's
even better, because the company needs things from
politicians and regulators. At best this might be
a politician you had put in office. Short of that,
any player with whom you have some positive influence.
And short of that, someone for whom you could cause
serious problems.

Jane McAlevey, Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell) - (2012)

[re: Tar Heel, North Carolina]

[Keith] Ludlum had been fired from the Smithfield plant
during the 1994 election, and had been taken out in handcuffs.

Ludlum is white, a North Carolina native, and a Desert Storm
veteran who shocked just about everyone, by accepting the
offer of his old job in 2006.

But Ludlum had unfinished business at the plant.

Within weeks, Ludlum began leading direct actions with
dozens, and then hundreds, of his coworkers...

"Me, Slaughter, and Keith, we had a tight relationship.
People would see the white, the black and the Indian,
and management knew trouble was coming."

Jane McAlevey, No Shortcuts - (2016)

Jane McAlevey on Twitter

The only way to win is to Strike - 2 minute video

8-27 - Massive support needed for AT&T CWAUnion workers on STRIKE!
"On the Street, is where we'll meet" : Unite Here on the line with CWA Local 3108
8-28 - Strike Ends - Back to work

------ |
------ | Labor Day 2019 - Durham, North Carolina - Organize The South

9-15 - Midnight - United Auto Workers STRIKE!
--------- UAW calls national strike against GM
9-16 - UAW workers block salaried GM employees
-------- On the Line with the UAW - UAW on Twitter

-------- Arlington, TX - NAACP On the Line

10-12 - Midnight - UAW - Mack truck workers STRIKE! - UAW Local 677

Make the Road NY -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunrise Movement
"Building power of Latinx & working class communities
to achieve dignity & justice."
Cruz-Susana - Health Education Project

Eric Blanc

Wildcat in W.Va

"This guy from WVEA who looks like a basketball coach
is telling us we need to go back in to protect us from
an injunction. People are SHOUTING."

WVEA president Dale Lee and AFT-WV president Christine Campbell
strode to the top of the steps and quieted the restless crowd.

In an epic misreading of the situation, Dale Lee calmly
announced to the massive crowd that the strike was over,
and that they would return to work on Thursday.

We're going back in Thursday, but we reserve the right
[growing boos]...Hold up, hold up, hold up [Lee raises
his hand to quiet the crowd], hold up please. [From the
crowd: "No you please hold up!"]. We reserve the right to
call you back out as we need to [Loud shouts: "No! Boo!"]

...the crowd of educators began chanting, "55 united! 55 united!"....
"We are the union bosses! We are the union bosses!"

Eric Blanc, Red State Revolt - (2019) - Eric Blanc on Twitter

2019 Educators Strikes Part One

Las Vegas Teachers - Urgent Update
Theodore Small on the scene, Clark County Education Association, more
8-28 - Agreement reached, Strike preparations suspended

RedforEd - United Teachers Los Angeles

~~~~~~~~~~~~Martha & the Vandellas - "Dancing in the Streets"

Chicago Teachers Union -----------10-17
------------Strike date set - Teachers & Staff can go out together
------------An Educator's Strike - Stronger Together

10-16-------------Park Workers have tentative agreement

10-17-------------Educators STRIKE!

(A Cyclist! Probably got an attitude.) ------ Service Employees International Union - SEIU Local 73
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Chicago Schools Support Staff Informational Picket Line

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Rogers Park & Edgewater support CTULocaL1

9-23 - Chicago Passages charter school Teachers vote to authorize Strike - CTULocaL1.org
----------- 10-10 - Strike date announced - 10-22

9-25 - Chicago Parks Workers vote to authorize Strike

9-26 - Chicago Public Schoolteachers vote to authorize Strike

10-02 - Chicago: Sinai Hospital workers vote to authorize Strike - SEIU HCIIMK

Breakin' 2 - "Dancing on the Ceiling"

Joseph Brusky - Art Build: Los Angeles - Oakland - Chicago

Art Making -------------------10-14 - Rally at Chicago Temple -------------------------------------- March

Jewish Leaders & Organizations Announce Support

Strike Day One from Andre Vasquez

"Good Morning, Class!" ... "Good Morn_ing Mis_ter Dill_on"

9-20 - University of Chicago Medical Center Nurses STRIKE!
--------One day Strike / Lockout - Chicago Sun-Times : #nursestrike

9-21 : Community members, Faith Leaders accompany Nurses
---------- Lockout - Hospital sends out the Goons
---------- National Nurses United - Bonnie Castillo

#RNStrike - California Nurses

-----------Ollie & Jerry - "When I.C.U."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gloria Estéfan - "Turn the Beat Around"

Philly Nurses Rally for a Fair Contract - Temple University Hospital

New York State Nurses Association - Albany

Activists, Responsible Adults, Citizens:
W.Va - Kayla Young : Va - Carla Okouchi - Juli Briskman (Yeah, she's got an attitude.)
Philadelphia -
Helen Gym - HelenGymAtLarge - 31 Dec 2018

In Support of Public Education - #TossDeVos

"Beauty and Truth meet,
Justice and well-being kiss."

SEIU Local 32BJ Philadelphia Office cleaners vote to authorize strike
Contract expires Midnight 10-15

10-15 - Cleaners March - Building Justice: Good Jobs - Strong Communities
10-16 - Tentative agreement reached - Strike averted

-Raise High the Golden Torch- July 4th, 2019
Neil Diamond - "America" --- Elton John - "Philadelphia Freedom"

[Leviticus 25:10:] "Proclaim liberty throughout the land," is inscribed
on America's Liberty Bell. That is a translation of Hebrew deror,
the debt Jubilee....The liberty in question originally was from debt peonage.

Michael Hudson
And Forgive Them Their Debts - (2018)

le 14 juillet, Bastille Day

Paris - The Louvre Pyramid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New York Harbor - Statue - The Goddess of Liberty
Photo © Maksym Topchii | Dreamstime.com

------ | Local 8 - Unite Here : #unitehere - One Job should be Enough : Airport Strike Alert

------ |

------ | Elton John - "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"

------ | Teamsters support Unite Here in Boston
------ | ACTION 8-29 Boston Rally, Battery Wharf Hotel - 4:30-6:00pm - Unite Here 26
------ | #BatteryWharfStrikeAlert : Michelle Wu for Boston
------ |
The Pointer Sisters - "Jump"

9-20 - Global Climate STRIKE!

I am seeing my father at a shaft in the garden.
The earth moves, and I think: there's the devil down there.
And I call my father for help. But my father laughs
and pushes me down. I land in a tool shed with a
cold frame full of seedlings.

Carl Jung, Children's Dreams - (2008)

Indianapolis Public Library System ............one item in transit...arrived... : Indianapolis Red Line

Retrofitting our cities for the new urban age
and achieving Jane Jacob's vision today will require
[Robert] Moses-like vision and action for building
the next generation of city roads, ones that will
accomodate pedestrians, bikes, and buses safely
and not just single-occupancy vehicles with their
diminishing returns for our streets.

Janette Sadik-Khan, Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution - (2016)

see Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

The Urban Street Design Guide : Streetsblog

9-05 - The Members of Unite Here Boston Local 26 STRIKE!

9-12 - Day Eight - Food, Money, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
--------- MassNurses bring it

9-21 - Day Seventeen

9-28 - Day Twenty-Four - Mass. Senator Ed Markey joins Local 26

--------- "One if by land, and two if by sea"
--------- This is Boston, Home of the Real Tea Party - The Old North Church
10-04 - Picket & Public Rally - MassNurses, Boston DSA, Jewish Labor Committee
--------- UAW, Sunrise Boston, APALA, Greater Boston InterFaith, -Live music by Billy Bragg
--------- for Unite Here Boston Local 26
--------- Wesleyan United Student / Labor Action Coalition

--------- The Doors - "Love Her Madly"

10-16 - Day Forty-Three - Local 26 joined by D Taylor, President of Unite Here

Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"

------ | Sunrise Boston

------ | Sara Nelson, Mine Workers, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

------ |
------ | Harlan County, KY - Unpaid Coal Miners block loaded coal train - #NoPayWeStay
------ | Rolling Stone - Inside the Harlan County Coal Miner Protest

------ | Dissent Magazine: Scapegoat Country by Sarah Jones

1-21-2019 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day

It was a long ride. I didn't know where they
were taking me; but finally I assumed it must be
to one of the state prisons after we had been gone
so long. That kind of mental anguish is worse
than dying, riding for mile after mile, hungry and
thirsty, bound and helpless, waiting and not knowing
what you're waiting for. And all over a traffic violation.

...Harris Wofford and others strongly urged
Mr. [John] Kennedy to try to use his influence to do
something about it, and he finally agreed. The first thing
he did was call my wife. She was pregnant, and this was
kind of a rough experience for her, so he called her
and expressed his concern.

In the meantime, Robert Kennedy called the judge
to find out about the bond. I understand Robert Kennedy
was really angry about it, when they got it over to him
and let him know all of the facts in the situation.
In that spirit of anger, he called the judge.

I was released the next day.

The Autobiography of
Martin Luther King, Jr.
-Edited by Clayborne Carson


Sara Nelson - Association of Flight Attendants Calls for General Strike to End Gov. Shutdown - Sara Speaks
NATCA = National Air Traffic Controllers Association

1. Sara Nelson wants to go all the way
2. What Labor needs from the Green New Deal
3. "People are ready to fight"

The Beach Boys - "California Girls"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Dylan - "Lay, Lady, Lay"

A Goddess Intervenes

Now it occurred to the grey-eyed goddess Athena
to make a figure of dream in a woman's form...

The goddess sent this dream to Odysseus' house
to quiet Penelope and end her grieving.

"Lift up thy heart, and fear not overmuch.
For by his side one goes whom all men else
invoke as their defender, one so powerful-
Pallas Athena; in thy tears she pitied thee
and now hath sent me that I do assure thee."

Homer, The Odyssey

Many of the most economically creative breakaways
have this sort of history: individuals, or a few
colleagues together, leave their jobs in a large
organization and independently reproduce the same
fragment of work they had been doing there.
Usually their customers are small organizations too.

Then the breakaway adds new work to its older work.

Jane Jacobs, The Economy of Cities

1. American Cities Powered by Renewable Energy
2. San Francisco just took a huge step toward internet utopia
3. Detroit's marginalized communities are building their own internet
4. Barcelona opts for breath of open-source fresh air

La Sagrada Família - Barcelona

© Ruben Martinez Barricarte ---| ------------------------------------ Dreamstime.com --------------------------| © Kharlamov Roman
Architect: Antoni Gaudí
-under construction since 1882

5. Jersey City's fight against chain stores
6. Life in the Spanish City that banned cars
7. Los Angeles : The big U.S. City trying to break with Wall Street

A parasite's toolkit includes behavior-modifying enzymes
to make the host protect and nurture it. Financial intruders
into a host economy use Junk Economics to rationalize
rentier parasitism as if it makes a productive contribution,
as if the tumor they create is part of the host's own body,
not an overgrowth living off the economy. A harmony of interests
is depicted between finance and industry, Wall Street and
Main Street, and even between creditors and debtors, monopolists
and their customers. Nowhere in the National Income and
Product Accounts is there a category for unearned income
or exploitation.

Michael Hudson
Killing the Host:
How Financial Parasites and Debt
Destroy the Global Economy - (2015)

The Michael Hudson Report: The "Next" Financial Crisis

Retail's Existential Threat? Private Equity Firms
Hedge-Fund Ownership Cost Sears Workers Their Jobs
---Now They're Fighting Back

To Charlie Ledley at Cornwall Capital, the U.S. financial system
appeared systematically corrupted by a cabal of Wall Street banks,
rating agencies, and government regulators. To Steve Eisman
at FrontPoint Partners, the market seemed mainly stupid or
delusional: A financial culture that had experienced so many
tiny panics followed by robust booms saw any sell-off as merely
another buying opportunity. To Michael Burry, the subprime mortgage
market looked increasingly like a fraud perpetrated by a handful
of subprime bond trading desks.

Michael Lewis
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine - (2010)

...on September 29, 2008...The stocks of the three main Irish banks...
had fallen by between a fifth and a half in a single trading session,
and a run on Irish bank deposits had started. The Irish government
was about to guarantee all the obligations of the six biggest Irish
banks. The most plausible explanation for all of this was Morgan Kelly's
narrative: that the Irish economy had become a giant Ponzi scheme, and
the country was effectively bankrupt.

Michael Lewis
Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World - (2011)

re: The New York Fed
---- Bank Regulation by Gaslight

I was born in Indiana and raised in Puerto Rico; my parents
were from the island. After finishing his medical residency
as chief resident, my father relinquished the opportunity
to continue practicing medicine in Indiana as well as his
role as honorary team doctor to one of the Indy 500 race car
teams for the chance to practice medicine in his place of birth.

Samuel and I had known each other for about five years....
...he had a passion for government and politics. He was one
of those die-hard believers in the government's obligation
to use its power to make life better for all of its citizens....
Surprisingly, this belief in the duty of government
survived the 2008 financial crisis, better known in
certain circles as "the great Gen-X massacre."

Carmen Segarra
Noncompliant: A Lone Whistleblower
Exposes the Giants of Wall Street - (2018)

How Corning makes super-pure glass for fiber-optic cable

JAMs - The Justified Ancients of Mu
The KLF - "Justified and Ancient"

-Fishing in the Rivers of Light-

Inventors have found ways to encode stunning amounts
of information on pulses of light vibrating billions of
times a second, and then send that light on its journey
through a channel made of the purest glass on earth.

If the information-carrying capacity of copper wire
is like a two-inch-wide pipe, fiber optic is like
a river fifteen miles wide; you wouldn't even try to
download a 4K movie using a copper connection, but using
fiber you could download ten movies in a second - or run
your own business remotely, or see your doctor or
members of your family, when needed, as needed.

We are already seeing dramatic improvements in
agricultural productivity that have been driven
by fiber-to-the-farm detailed automated treatment
of land that is possible only with the aggregation
of enormous amounts of data.

The fiber story in Chattanooga, Tennessee, began with
its "smart grid," and the cost savings of monitoring
and moderating the city's use of power at very fine-grained
levels paid for its last-mile fiber installation.

...in 2010, EPB [Chattanooga's Electric Power Board]
started offering gigabit-per-second access, years before
any other company in the United States did so. Chattanooga
proudly adopted the nickname "Gig City."

[ 1 gigabit = 1,000 megabits
-- at time of publication about $70 a month ]

[re: FDR - Grinding Monopolies / Public Utilities]

The good news for the United States is that more than
five hundred brave cities in this country are way ahead
of the national trend. They have realized that inexpensive
fiber connections are critical to their survival, and
the locations that have actually installed these facilities
are thriving.

Susan Crawford
Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution-
And Why America Might Miss It - (2018)

Institute for Local Self-Reliance : Santa Monica City Net

Chattanooga: CityInk - EPB Fiber Optic Internet Pricing
( Now with 10 gig service :O ) Righteous

Wilson, North Carolina: Greenlight Community Broadband

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Library of Alexandria, Egypt

DNA serves two different functions. First, it
preserves information. It does this by copying
itself, from generation to generation, spanning eons -
a Library of Alexandria that keeps its data safe
by copying itself billions of times. Notwithstanding
the beautiful double helix, this information store
is essentially one-dimensional; a string of elements
arrayed in a line. In human DNA, the nucleotide units
number more than a billion, and this detailed gigabit
message must be conserved perfectly, or almost perfectly.

Second, however, DNA also sends that information outward
for use in the making of the organism. The data stored
in a one-dimensional strand has to flower forth
in three dimensions.

James Gleick
The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood - (2011)

...slumbering...as living information in the codices
at Nag Hammadi...

Philip K. Dick, VALIS

In Praise of Public Libraries
Overdue Praise for San Francisco's Many-Splendored Library
New measure extends the working hours of Oakland's Public Libraries

North Carolina State University is Home to the Library of the Future

Photo © Bryan Pollard at Dreamstime.com

A Bookstore, Finally, Comes to the Bronx

Re: optic fiber - dark pools - high frequency trading -
------ flash crash - microwave signals?

Out there, where the twin symbols of American capitalism once loomed,
reduced in a few hours to a blizzard of office memos and a ruin.
Out there, where idealism was either a ruse or a species of stupidity,
and where the people who badly needed them to succeed hadn't the
faintest idea of their existence. But out there a lot of things
happened. People built new towers to replace the old ones.
People found strength they didn't know they had. And people were
already coming to their aid, and bracing for the war. Out there,
anything was possible.

Michael Lewis
Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt - (2014)

Flash Boys / Puzzle Masters : IEX Group : real-time Market Volume

---------- re: The Prisoner's Dilemma

---------- ...the crown went to the simplest strategy of all:
---------- TIT FOR TAT.

---------- M. Mitchell Waldrop
---------- Complexity: The Emerging Science
---------- at the Edge of Order and Chaos
---------- The Santa Fe Institute

"Program management" is not just program management. "Program management"
is the existential threat that you never really even imagine as a risk.
Some of the things any incoming president should worry about are fast-
moving: pandemics, hurricanes, terrorist attacks. But most are not.
Most are like bombs with very long fuses that, in the distant future,
when the fuse reaches the bomb, might or might not explode. It is
delaying repairs to a tunnel filled with lethal waste until, one day,
it collapses. It is the aging workforce of the DOE [Department of Energy]
- which is no longer attracting young people as it once did - that one day
loses track of a nuclear bomb. It is the ceding of technical and
scientific leadership to China. It is the innovation that never occurs,
and the knowledge that is never created, because you have ceased to lay
the groundwork for it. It is what you never learned that might have saved you.

Michael Lewis
The Fifth Risk - (2018)

Michael Hudson - Mutual Aid vs. Moral Hazard

real economics Week-end Wrap by Tony Wikrent

8. Boston - Be True to Your School

Phoenix - "Lisztomania"
with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

9. 1-14 Los Angeles Teachers Begin Huge Strike
10. Denver - Community Solar Gardens
11. Cities are blazing a trail toward Healthcare for All
----- MO says NO, Kansas City says Yes
12. Kansas City, MO will make its Government 100% Carbon-free by Next Year
13. Berlin's Grassroots Plan to re-Nationalize Homes from Corporate Landlords

Nicolette Larson : "Lotta Love"

La Pyramide Inversée - Musée du Louvre - Paris

Photo © Igor Abramovych | Dreamstime.com
Woman takes photo of Self

"Sophia, the eldest and most beautiful daughter
of God, sat in her airy castle in the most
delightful corner of Heaven. Sighing, she
laid her hands on her lap and sadly looked
through an open window at the eagle
soaring high in the air...

'Would that I had never been called a
daughter of God....I sit lonely and deserted
day after day; for me there is no festival,
no one shows any interest in me, no one takes
me to the place where I might enjoy sunshine
and the breath of the forest.'"

"Slowly her brother raised his head and looked
at his sister, who stood before him in all the
glory of her beauty, her charming face flushed
with animation, and her whole figure bathed
in light."

"But who may abide" : "And He Shall Purify"

"Every Valley Shall be Exalted"

What is above places itself
under what is below:
This is the way of the great light.

Heaven dispenses, earth brings forth:
Thereby things increase in all directions.

Hexagram 42. / Increase
I Ching

Irish Step Dancing - Riverdance

"Oh Danny Boy,
the Pipes, the Pipes are calling..."

Edinburgh, Scotland : Massed Pipes & Drums

Monster Track V

If thou wouldst complete the diamond body
with no outflowing,
Diligently heat the roots
of consciousness and life.

Hui Ming Ching

"...darkness gives birth to light;
out of the 'lead of the water-region'
grows the noble gold; what is unconscious
becomes conscious....The sun wheel begins
to run..."

New York

Domini Canes - Dogs of God : Chris Thormann

Fixed gear Track bicycles - Messenger races
Lucas Brunelle - Line of Sight


The sun, who has existed from the beginning,
rises up like a falcon out of the midst of the
lotus bud. When the doors of his petals open
in saphire-coloured splendor, he has sundered
the night from the day.

Thou risest up like the sacred snake as a living spirit,
creating the beginnings and shining in thy glorious form
in the barge of the sunrise.

The divine Lord whose image dwells in secret
in the temple at Dendera is made the creator of the world
by his work. Coming as one, he multiplies himself
a millionfold when the light goes forth from him
in the form of a child.

Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt

Taipei - 9th FRiDERDAY

Shanghai - Alleycat 2012

Fuji Classic Track 2014

Hong Kong

Lucas Brunelle - Road Sage
Lucas Brunelle Productions

Indianapolis - Messenger / Fixed

Cornfed X - The Bay

Cornfed Three - Indianapolis

I walked towards downtown
on the Paseo de la Reforma.

-Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Mexico City - Safa - "The Descent"

I finally looked at Carlos Castaneda.

One eye seemed to be laughing at me;
the other one was dead serious,
ominous and menacing.

-Florinda Donner, Being-In-Dreaming

2015 Happy Spring Alleycat - Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Segundo Alleycat Maleado DF

Alleycat FixZine II - Santiago de Chile

What's the best bike for you?

Training with the lads on:
Corkscrew Road - Norton Summit

Freelee vs. Dangerous crazy crackhead driver

How you can start riding again and
beat $4.00 a gallon gas.

Raleigh Detour (hybrid)

Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded snow tires

Martin Horn (funnzie):
Fitting yourself to a hybrid bicycle

The perfect touring bicycle

Enjoy the Ride : How to ride on the street

How to carry things by bike

Ideal commuting bicycle

CX commute to work

Snowy winter commute - Toronto, Canada

Vintage Road Bike Assembly & Repair:
Part One - Part Two

Snow : Car or Bicycle?

Extreme Mountain Biking

People are Awesome - 2015 epic 1

Extreme Parkour and Freerunning

Yes - "Roundabout"

Road Cycling World Championships - 2016 - Doha

Junior Women Road : One - Two
Elisa Balsamo, Chiara Consonni, Martina Fidanza
Lisa Morzenti, Letizia Paternoster

Belgian Champion Eddy Merckx chats up Skylar Schneider

Aerosmith - "Train Kept a Rollin'"

"Lavater," said the Master to the Swiss,
"drop your theories for it is high time
to take up practice; no longer study
what man is, but what he may become."

Balsamo, the Magician
-Alexandre Dumas

España 2018 Vuelta a Burgos Féminas
Music Video on Youtube

"...and the light is of a kind that desireth
to burn, and the longer it burns to shine the more,
and the longer the greater...therefore in the light
of nature is a fiery longing to enkindle."

2019 - The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup
- The Womens Tour of Thailand

List of Teams

Gulnaz Badykova - Russia - Cogeas-Mettler Pro Cycling
: )

2019 Liège-Bastogne-Liège

Mariia Novolodskaia - Russia - Cogeas-Mettler Pro Cycling

2019 Amgen Tour of California - Women

Coryn Rivera - USA National Champion - California

The Ryan Sisters - Natives of Ventura, California

America - "Ventura Highway"

Stage One | Youtube

Merry England - OVO Energy Womens Tour 2019

Stage Four

Katarzyna Niewiadoma - Poland - Canyon-Sram

7-05-2019 - Italia - Giro Rosa

Stage One - Team Time Trial : PMG Sport

Stage Three

Katarzyna Niewiadoma - Maglia Rosa

Stage Seven ~~~Ventura Highway in the Sunshine~~~~~~~~~ Stage Ten - Arrivederci, Baby, I miss you already

For humans were created on condition of their
being the guardians of the globe... which is called earth.
Man has been given a soul from those eternal fires
that you call the heavenly bodies and stars.
They are round and spherical, animated by divine spirits.
They complete their circles, paths of marvelous velocity.

-The Dream of Scipio


Mozilla Firefox Web browser

Optimized Firefox Linux, OSX, Windows

Avidemux simple video editor
for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows
(open source, free)

VLC media player
for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
(open source, free)

Open source ogg-vorbis audio format
(yes, it's free)

Pan Newsreader Gnome / KDE

GNU/Linux Operating System

DistroWatch The Latest & Greatest
GNU/Linux, BSD

-especially good for those new to Linux:
Linux Mint - PCLinuxOS

AV Linux audio/video specialist
with fast, low-latency kernel,
-ffmpeg/winFF with an expanded selection
of desirable, working presets-

-Produced by the original Mepis Community

The (Trinity) Project (KDE 3 forward-port)

eXe Linux Community-related
Live CD: Trinity desktop with Devuan fork of debian

Consider it Forked: Siduction
-based on Debian Sid - LXDE, XFCE, KDE4
with latest kernels available

Taiyo = El Sol Guadalinex

Tech News: Slashdot

* * * * * *

Linux Kernel Archives (kernel source)
nVidia driver releases for Linux - nVidia

smxi sgfxi svmi installation scripts
for proprietary video drivers
Compile VLC media player
/contrib/native method
for Debian stable "Squeeze"
VLC daily code snapshots

Compile a development version
of VLC for Ubuntu (now also releases)
Ubuntu Community

Compile FFmpeg & x264 for Ubuntu

* * * * * *

No Doubt - "It's My Life"

Talk Talk - "It's My Life"

Mason Williams - "Classical Gas" : Glen Campbell - "Classical Gas" : Roy Clark Band - "Classical Gas"

Gene C. Miller

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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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