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2011: Alchemists & Parasites

2012: Alchemical Wedding

2018: City

Many of the most economically creative breakaways
have this sort of history: individuals, or a few
colleagues together, leave their jobs in a large
organization and independently reproduce the same
fragment of work they had been doing there.
Usually their customers are small organizations too.

Then the breakaway adds new work to its older work.

Jane Jacobs, The Economy of Cities

1. American Cities Powered by Renewable Energy
2. San Francisco just took a huge step toward internet utopia
3. Detroit's marginalized communities are building their own internet
4. Barcelona opts for breath of open-source fresh air

"Sophia, the eldest and most beautiful daughter
of God, sat in her airy castle in the most
delightful corner of Heaven. Sighing, she
laid her hands on her lap and sadly looked
through an open window at the eagle
soaring high in the air...

'Would that I had never been called a
daughter of God....I sit lonely and deserted
day after day; for me there is no festival,
no one shows any interest in me, no one takes
me to the place where I might enjoy sunshine
and the breath of the forest.'"

"Slowly her brother raised his head and looked
at his sister, who stood before him in all the
glory of her beauty, her charming face flushed
with animation, and her whole figure bathed
in light."

"But who may abide" : "And He Shall Purify"

"Every Valley Shall be Exalted"

What is above places itself
under what is below:
This is the way of the great light.

Heaven dispenses, earth brings forth:
Thereby things increase in all directions.

Hexagram 42. / Increase
I Ching

Irish Step Dancing - Riverdance

"Oh Danny Boy,
the Pipes, the Pipes are calling..."

Edinburgh, Scotland : Massed Pipes & Drums

Monster Track V

If thou wouldst complete the diamond body
with no outflowing,
Diligently heat the roots
of consciousness and life.

Hui Ming Ching

"...darkness gives birth to light;
out of the 'lead of the water-region'
grows the noble gold; what is unconscious
becomes conscious....The sun wheel begins
to run..."

New York

Domini Canes - Dogs of God : Chris Thormann

Fixed gear Track bicycles - Messenger races
Lucas Brunelle - Line of Sight


The sun, who has existed from the beginning,
rises up like a falcon out of the midst of the
lotus bud. When the doors of his petals open
in saphire-coloured splendor, he has sundered
the night from the day.

Thou risest up like the sacred snake as a living spirit,
creating the beginnings and shining in thy glorious form
in the barge of the sunrise.

The divine Lord whose image dwells in secret
in the temple at Dendera is made the creator of the world
by his work. Coming as one, he multiplies himself
a millionfold when the light goes forth from him
in the form of a child.

Temple of Hathor at Dendera

Taipei - 9th FRiDERDAY

Shanghai - Alleycat 2012

Fuji Classic Track 2014

2014 OZOTW Fixed Gear in Kenting

It furthers one to undertake something.
It furthers one to cross the great water.

Six in the second place means:

Someone does indeed increase him;
Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it.
Constant perseverance brings good fortune.
The king presents him before God.

Hexagram 42. / Increase
I Ching

Hong Kong

Lucas Brunelle - Road Sage
Lucas Brunelle Productions

Indianapolis - Messenger / Fixed

Cornfed X - The Bay

Cornfed Three - Indianapolis

I walked towards downtown
on the Paseo de la Reforma.

-Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Mexico City - Safa - "The Descent"

I finally looked at Carlos Castaneda.

One eye seemed to be laughing at me;
the other one was dead serious,
ominous and menacing.

-Florinda Donner, Being-In-Dreaming

2015 Happy Spring Alleycat - Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Segundo Alleycat Maleado DF

Alleycat FixZine II - Santiago de Chile

What's the best bike for you?

Training with the lads on:
Corkscrew Road - Norton Summit

Freelee vs. Dangerous crazy crackhead driver

How you can start riding again and
beat $4.00 a gallon gas.

Raleigh Detour (hybrid)

Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded snow tires

Martin Horn (funnzie):
Fitting yourself to a hybrid bicycle

The perfect touring bicycle

Enjoy the Ride : How to ride on the street

How to carry things by bike

Ideal commuting bicycle

CX commute to work

Snowy winter commute - Toronto, Canada

Vintage Road Bike Assembly & Repair:
Part One - Part Two

Snow : Car or Bicycle?

Extreme Mountain Biking

People are Awesome - 2015 epic 1

Extreme Parkour and Freerunning

2015 Critérium du Dauphiné - Stage One

"The kingdom of heaven
is like a treasure hid in a field."
This field is the soul, wherein lies
hidden the treasure of the divine kingdom.
In the soul, therefore, are God
and all creatures blessed.

-Meister Eckhart

Yes - "Roundabout"

Road Cycling World Championships - 2016 - Doha

Junior Women Road : One - Two

Aerosmith - "Train Kept a Rollin'"

"Lavater," said the Master to the Swiss,
"drop your theories for it is high time
to take up practice; no longer study
what man is, but what he may become."

Balsamo, the Magician
-Alexandre Dumas

2017 Womens World Tour
Italia - Trofeo Alfredo Binda

1st - Coryn Rivera - USA
Team Sunweb
2nd - Arlenis Sierra - Cuba
Astana Womens Team
3rd - Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig - Denmark
Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling

2017 Womens World Tour
Belgium - Ronde van Vlaanderen

Coryn Rivera - USA
Team Sunweb

Merry England
OVO Energy Womens Tour

Stage One - 47km Solo Breakaway

Katarzyna Niewiadoma
- National Champion of Poland 2016

"Firm as a rock, what need of a whole day?"

Stage Three

Green Jersey - Race Leader

Stage Five - City of London

Katarzyna Niewiadoma - General Classification Winner

2017 France - National Championships - Women

Italia - 2017 Giro Rosa - June 30

Stage Five - Individual Time Trial : 5a - 5b - 5c

Stage Six

Stage Seven - Sheyla Gutiérrez Ruiz - España
Team Cylance Pro Cycling

Olympic Road Champion
Anna Van Der Breggen - The Netherlands
Maglia Rosa - Race Leader

Final - Stage Ten


Chase group

2017 Womens World Tour
Womens Classique - RideLondon

Coryn Rivera - USA - Team Sunweb

2017 Ladies Tour of Norway

Stage Two

2017 Giro Toscana Femminile - Italia

Prologue - Individual Time Trial

Stage One

Final - Stage Two

Road Cycling World Championships 2017 - Bergen

Team Time Trial - Women

Copper mine, Troodos mountains, Cyprus

The Foam-born, The Cyprian

Odysseus spied a light blazing from the
windows of a great chapel by the sea. It was
the Temple of Aphrodite, the Queen of Love,
and from the open door a sweet savour of
incense and a golden blaze rushed forth till
they were lost in the silver of the moonshine
and in the salt smell of the sea.

The World's Desire
-H. Rider Haggard & Andrew Lang

Diana Ross - "Chain Reaction"

"Copper (cuprum) is correlated with the Cyprian"

For humans were created on condition of their
being the guardians of the globe... which is called earth.
Man has been given a soul from those eternal fires
that you call the heavenly bodies and stars.
They are round and spherical, animated by divine spirits.
They complete their circles, paths of marvelous velocity.

-The Dream of Scipio

2017 Volta a Portugal Official Site

Prologue - Individual Time Trial - A - B - Lisboa
Damien Gaudin - Team Armee de Terre - France

Stage One

Stage Four :
Raúl Alarcón - España
Camisola Amarela - Race Leader
Team W52 - FC Porto

Stage Five

Stage Six

Stage Seven

Stage Eight

Stage Nine - Amaro Antunes - Portugal
Team W52 - FC Porto

"...And I went to the prophetess,
and she conceived, and bore a son..."


Mozilla Firefox Web browser

Optimized Firefox Linux, OSX, Windows

Avidemux simple video editor
for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows
(open source, free)

VLC media player 2.1.4
for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
(open source, free)

Open source ogg-vorbis audio format
(yes, it's free)

Pan Newsreader Gnome / KDE

GNU/Linux Operating System

DistroWatch The Latest & Greatest
GNU/Linux, BSD

-especially good for those new to Linux:
Linux Mint 11 - PCLinuxOS

AV Linux audio/video specialist
with fast, low-latency kernel,
-ffmpeg/winFF with an expanded selection
of desirable, working presets-
February 24 2014 : 6.0.3 with xfce desktop

Mepis 8.0
with the K Desktop Environment (3.5.10)

The (Trinity) Project (KDE 3 forward-port)
-live CD/DVD Kubuntu/Trinity 3.5.12
July 21st - released

eXe Linux Community-related
Live CD:
Debian 6 "Squeeze"/Trinity
Debian 7 "Wheezy"/Trinity

KDE 3 for openSUSE

Consider it Forked: Siduction
-based on Debian Sid - LXDE, XFCE, KDE4
with latest kernels available

Taiyo = El Sol Guadalinex

Tech News: Slashdot

* * * * * *

Linux Kernel Archives (kernel source)
nVidia driver releases for Linux - nVidia

smxi sgfxi svmi installation scripts
for proprietary video drivers
Compile VLC media player
/contrib/native method
for Debian stable "Squeeze"
VLC daily code snapshots

Compile a development version
of VLC for Ubuntu (now also releases)
Ubuntu Community

Compile FFmpeg & x264 for Ubuntu

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